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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 500W Powerful Suction Stick Vacuums with 60min Runtime Lightweight Handheld Vacuums for Pet Hair, Home, Car
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About this item

  • 【Powerful 45000Pa Cordless Vacuum Cleaner】 Praovado's Latest cordless vacuum cleaner for 2024. The vacuum cleaners are equipped with a super powerful 500W motor with the latest technology which provides the vacuum cleaner with up to 45Kpa of powerful suction, which makes it easy to collect all kinds of trash such as candy, cookies, dog food,pet hair, etc. and helps you clean your house efficiently and quickly!
  • 【Great Autonomy & Removable Battery】Removable 2500mAh battery with 7 built-in batteries for a runtime of 60min (in ECO mode), powerful cordless vacuum cleaner only takes 4-5 hours for a full charge, perfect for a complete house cleaning. The rechargeable wall mount integrates storage and charging, which is very convenient and efficient.
  • 【Touch Screen & 3 Modes】 The digital touch screen allows you to monitor and adjust the working status of the stick vacuum cleaner at any time. The cordless vacuum cleaner offers 3 modes (Eco/Medium/Max) to suit all needs. It is especially suitable for households with pets because it deeply removes embedded debris and dirt such as cat litter, dog food crumbs, pet hair, etc. For carpets and rugs, the Max mode and powerful floor brush make vacuum cleaning easier.
  • 【Upgraded Large Floor Brush】: Equipped with upgraded electric floor brush, increase suction, which has a larger contact area with the ground and stronger grip, allowing for deeper cleaning. Easily push forward, reducing muscle burden by 20%, making cleaning less tiring. Also flexible, the brush head can rotate 90°/180° to clean every corner. Brighter LED lights illuminate dust and dirt in every dark corner.
  • 【Latest 6-layer filtering Design】: The cordless vacuum has been upgraded to 6-layer filtering dust and air separation device, which effectively separates dust and airflow, reduces filter clogging and increases filter element life. And it is equipped with a second F12 HEPA to discharge clean air, which can filter the air exhaled by the machine again, making the air fresher. Empty the dust cup with one click for easy cleaning.

Special Feature

Portable, Lightweight, 💜7*24 hours 💜Automatically adjust suction 💜LED touch screen 💜500W Brushless Motor 💜3 suction modes💜1-year warranty 💜Adjustable extension tube (45-71CM) 💜Low noise ≤68 dB💜1.8L removable dust cup 💜Multi-layer filtration system 💜4 hours quick charge 💜180° +90°rotation floor brush with LED lights 💜60 minutes running time, Cordless, HEPA

Product Description

p10 pro cordless vacuum cleaner


  • Praovado P10 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner uses the latest technology digital brushless motor with 500W motor power and 185AW powerful suction power to clean the whole house efficiently.
  • The 1.8L large-capacity dust cup eliminates the need to take out the garbage frequently. When taking out the garbage, there is no need to remove the pipe or twist the dust cup. It only requires one click to empty the dust. It is easy to clean and prevents dirt and dust from being retained.
  • The working sound is 58dB, which is very quiet. Even cats and dogs don’t have to be afraid of the noise.


Smart LED Touch Screen


  • The fuselage is equipped with a high-definition smart LED touch screen, which not only displays the operating status of the vacuum cleaner in real time, but also prompts working status and fault traceability, allowing you to easily know how to solve machine faults; you can also easily touch the screen to adjust the suction power as you needed.


Upgraded V-typeAnti-Winding Roller Brush


  • Equipped with a new V-shaped anti-tangle spiral suction head, when absorbing human and pet hair, it greatly reduces knots in the suction head and suction tube, making cleaning more convenient.
  • Equipped with an electric soft velvet floor brush, it is easy to clean wooden floors and avoid scratches. In addition, the 180° wide-angle suction head, combined with the front-mounted LED searchlight, can easily suck out hard-to-see dust, debris, and hair from the front/left and right at the same time, making it easy to clean hygienic dead corners in dark places.


 stick vacuum


  • Equipped with 3 brush nozzles, it can also support cleaning work in multiple scenarios.
  • In addition to daily floor cleaning, it can also perform deep cleaning on sofas, beds, curtains, keyboards, high places that cannot be touched, etc.






The whole machine is equipped with 7 large-capacity lithium batteries, which can be used for up to 60 minutes on a single charge, making it easy to clean the whole house; the removable battery pack design makes maintenance and replacement more convenient.

The six-layer filtration technology of the whole machine can effectively intercept 99.99% of dust as small as 0.01 microns. It can also lock fine dust and prevent it from flying into dust, thus avoiding secondary pollution.

3 cleaning modes, freely selectable operation. It can efficiently clean carpets and hard floors, and easily pick up ground garbage, paper scraps, hair, granular objects, etc.

It adopts a lightweight design and can be used by women with one hand, making lifting and lifting effortless.



  • There is a wall-mounting rack included in the accessories. Nail the wall-mounting rack to the wall. After using the vacuum cleaner, you can insert it into the wall-mounting rack for easy storage.


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