Terms of Service

NeoBund.com is the official website of NeoBund Technology Co., Ltd. We focus on Dropshipping and also provides the following services (please refer to the latest version of the scope of our service published on NeoBund).

1. Products: NeoBund mall has various types of products with corresponding information including product attributes, descriptions, inventory, prices, etc. NeoBund reserves the right to change the product information on NeoBund at any time, such as changes in product description, attributes, inventory quantity, price and other information. The product information is subject to the real-time information displayed on NeoBund Website. Please read carefully before placing an order.

2. Order Processing: Order synchronization: order information from your authorized store will be synchronized to NeoBund and processed. One-click Listing: you can list NeoBund products to your authorized stores. You are obliged to timely update the product information in the store since the product information of NeoBund platform may change at any time according to the actual situation. Meanwhile, NeoBund takes no responsibility for the resulting dispute.

3. Order Fulfillment: You can ship products to NeoBund and NeoBund will handle and ship your products.

Customer Service