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DIZOND Bike Lights, Rechargeable Bicycle Lights Set Super Bright 8+12 Modes, IPX6 Waterproof Bike Lights for Night Riding/Cycling Safety, Front and Back Taillight Reflectors, 58 Hrs Long Battery Life
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[Men use 1 headlight four modes: high school low flashing, taillight 6 modes, high school low slow flash warning flash
Just press the button to switch the mode, double-click to enter the strobe mode, and press for about 1 second to close. You can use it in various weather conditions. Where you need to leave for a long distance, or during the day/twilight, you should choose brighter light.
[Long battery life]: Two bicycle lights can be used for 3-12 hours (depending on different modes), and it only takes 1 hour to fully charge. It is very suitable for urban road and road riding, and the visibility of other riders and cars. When you remove the pulse, the flashing light option can extend the battery life and attract others who use the path appropriately.
[Lightweight] Both bicycle lights are about the size of flat golf balls, each weighing only 22 grams. You will forget to put them in your pocket.
[Advanced Design}: Bicycle lights adopt a new design without chrome-plated rings. You don't need to waste glue to prevent the decorative ring from falling off or disappearing. The design of the lamp backrest is more suitable for various sizes of handlebars, seat posts, seat stands, children's trailer racks and backpacks.
[Safe Installation] The bicycle lamp is equipped with a newly designed rubber belt, which is thicker than others, and the holes are smaller than others. The rubber belt has more pins and tighter installation options. It can be easily clamped and firmly fixed. Don't worry about the bicycle lights falling when they collide.
[Durable IPX5 waterproof] Combined with advanced IPX5 waterproof and dustproof technology, it is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. The USB interface is covered with waterproof and dustproof silicone, so it can better charge bicycle lights and effectively extend its service life.
The battery capacity of the headlight is 350mah, and the taillight is 250mAh.
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