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Genuine Leather Cowhide Men's Belt 1 3/8" for Dress Pants - Adjustable Belt
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Recommended size

30" to 36" Waist Adjustable/110cm

32" to 38" Waist Adjustable/115cm

34" to 40" Waist Adjustable/120cm

36" to 42" Waist Adjustable/125cm

38" to 44" Waist Adjustable/130cm



Product Name: Men's Genuine Leather Automatic Buckle Adjustable Belt

Package weight: 0.23kg

Material: Leather

Model: DG37 DX38

Condition: New

Gender: man

cleaning with dry cloth


The strap is easy to use, simply slide the ratchet strap into the sliding buckle, then pull the strap and the ratchet buckle will lock automatically. To release the ratchet strap, gently push the release lever on the side of the clasp and the latch will close. Simple, generous and fashionable!


High Quality Leather Our men's ratchet watch strap is made of high quality leather, with exquisite workmanship and durable. The belt buckle is made of high-strength alloy, making it scratch-resistant



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